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Chapter 13. Creating Custom Master Slides > Setting Default Slide Transitions

Setting Default Slide Transitions

You can set any slide transition as the default for your master slide. Setting a slide transition in the master slide is convenient because you don't have to remember to set transitions later in the presentation slides. However, if you do set transitions in the presentation slides, those settings will override the default transition settings in the master slide.

To set the default slide transition

Choose View > Show Master Slides.

The Master Slide Navigator appears above the Slide Navigator.

Select the master slide for which you want to change the background.

Click the Inspector button in the toolbar, then click the Master Slide Inspector button.

The Master Slide Inspector appears.

From the Transition tab of the Master Slide Inspector (Figure 13.8), choose the transition style you want.

Figure 13.8. Set default slide transitions in the Master Slide Inspector.

After you choose a transition, Keynote displays a thumbnail preview of the transition in the Master Slide Inspector.

Some transitions can be set to move in a direction that you specify. If the transition you have selected allows you to do so, choose a direction from the Direction pop-up menu.

The directions listed in this pop-up menu will change, depending on the transition style you have selected. If the style doesn't support a direction, the menu will be inactive.

Set the transition duration by entering a number in the Duration field. The default duration is one second.

Pick when the transition begins by choosing either On Click or Automatically from the Start Transition pop-up menu.

(Optional) If you want a delay before the transition, enter the delay duration in the Delay field.



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