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Chapter 7. Inserting Text & Multimedia > AutoText & AutoComplete - Pg. 226

Inserting Text & Multimedia 226 Figure 1. The Insert menu. Tip · I discuss other Insert menu commands throughout this book: · Break, in Chapter 4. · Comment, in Chapter 12. · Index and Tables, in Chapter 8. · Hyperlink, in Chapter 14. · Object, in Chapter 13. AutoText & AutoComplete Word's AutoText feature makes it quick and easy to insert text snippets that you use often in your documents. First, create the AutoText entry that you want to use. Then use one of two methods to insert it: · Begin to type the entry or entry name. When an AutoComplete tip box appears (Figure 7), press to enter the rest of the entry. This feature is known as AutoComplete. Figure 7. When you begin to type text for which there is an AutoText entry, an AutoComplete tip box appears.