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Chapter 8. Forms > Creating Radio Buttons

Creating Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are used in situations in which the user can choose only one of several options. Within a set of radio buttons, only one (and always one) of those radio buttons will be active (on). By definition, you'll never use one radio button by itself. Therefore, the following steps show you how to create one set of three radio buttons that work together.

To create radio buttons:

Choose the Form tool from the toolbar in Acrobat.

Drag to draw a field on the page.

When the Field Properties dialog box appears, name the field, and (if you like) type a brief description in the Short Description text box.

Choose Radio Button from the Type pop-up menu (Figure 8.35), and click the Options tab.

Figure 8.35. The radio button options.

Choose a button style from the Radio Style pop-up menu (Figure 8.36).

Figure 8.36. Choose the Options tab to change the button from a circle to a square.

Type a value in the Export Value text box.

The helpful note in the dialog box instructs you to make sure that your buttons have the same field names but different export values.

Click the Appearance tab to change the border color, background color, width, and style of the button (Figure 8.37).

Figure 8.37. Choose the Appearance tab to change the colors and line weights of the button.

You can also change the text color (color of the object that shows the button is selected).

Repeat steps 2–7 until you have three buttons on the page (Figure 8.38).

Figure 8.38. Three fields shown with the Form tool selected.

Switch to the Hand tool to see the fields display as radio buttons (Figure 8.39)

Figure 8.39. The same three fields shown with the Hand tool selected.



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