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Chapter 13. Digital Signatures > Signing Documents

Signing Documents

To sign a document:

Choose Tools > Digital Signatures > Sign Document. (Figure 13.15).

Figure 13.15. To put your signature on a PDF, choose Tools > Digital Signatures > Sign Document.

An alert box pops up, telling you that the Digital Signatures tool has been selected for you. Click the OK button.


Choose the Digital Signatures tool (D) in the Commenting toolbar.

In the document, drag a marquee around the area where you want to sign.

When you release the mouse button, the Self-Sign Security Sign Document dialog box appears (Figure 13.16).

Figure 13.16. Enter your password, and click the Save or Save As button.

Enter your password, and click Save or Save As to save the current document (required as part of the signing process).

An alert dialog box opens, telling you that you have signed the document successfully.

Click OK to close the alert box.

Your signature appears (Figure 13.17).

Figure 13.17. The signature appears after you click Save or Save As.


  • You can sign a document visibly or invisibly. When you sign invisibly (by choosing Tools > Digital Signatures > Invisibly Sign Document), you'll see the signature in the Signatures palette (Figure 13.18). To access the Signatures palette, choose Signatures from the Window menu.

    Figure 13.18. A record of your signature appears in the Signatures palette, even if the signature is invisible in the document.

  • The Signatures palette menu contains items that are identical to those you see when you choose Tools > Digital Signatures. You can sign documents, clear signatures or verify their validity, or view signature properties in the Signature Properties dialog box (Figure 13.19).

    Figure 13.19. The Signature Properties dialog box lets you fill in additional information that may appear with your signature.

  • To choose among various signatures or graphics that you may have stored, click the Show Options button in the Sign Document dialog box. In the Signature Appearance area of the Options window (Figure 13.20), choose your graphic or signature from the pop-up menu. Then click the Save or Save As button to see your signature.

    Figure 13.20. Choose your signature from the Signature Appearance pop-up menu.



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