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Chapter 4. Creating PDFs > Adding Security to Your PDFs

Adding Security to Your PDFs

You can set up Distiller so that every PDF it creates is protected against being changed, printed, or even opened without a password.

To add security features to PDFs:

In Distiller, choose Security from the Settings menu (Ctrl+S/Command-S).

The Security dialog box appears (Figure 4.24).

Figure 4.24. The Security dialog box lets you set passwords and permissions for different actions.

Choose the security features you want to incorporate into your PDFs. Click OK.

Security features fall into two categories: passwords and permissions.

You can apply two types of passwords to Acrobat documents: user passwords, which allow a user to open a PDF, and master passwords, which allow a user to change security settings. You cannot use the same word for both.

Several levels of permission are available:

  • Enable Content Access for the Visually Impaired allows the user to implement accessibility controls, to make the document easier to read for the visually impaired.

  • Allow Content Copying and Extraction allows users to copy text and graphics from a PDF and to extract content (to edit in an external editor, for example). It also allows other components of Acrobat, such as Catalog, to access the document's contents for processing.

  • Changes Allowed lets you specify a wide range of changes that users can make in a PDF.

  • Printing allows the document to be printed at full resolution, limited to low resolution, or prohibited from printing.

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