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Using Indexes

After a PDF has been indexed with the Catalog utility, you can look up information in it by using the Search command, which is more powerful and flexible than the Find command. You can search the contents of form fields; search for words that are related to, or sound like, the words in the Search box; or construct searches with Boolean operators. This book doesn't cover complex searching, but the Acrobat documentation provides many helpful details about the process.

To perform a search:

Choose Edit > Search > Query (Ctrl+Shift+F/Command-Shift-F) or click the Search button in the File toolbar.

The Adobe Acrobat Search dialog box appears (Figure 11.15).

Figure 11.15. Enter search words or phrases in the Search dialog box.

In the Find Results Containing Text text box, type the word or words for which you want to search.

Check or uncheck the check boxes to set word options.

Click the Search button to start the search.

When the search is finished, the Search Results dialog box appears, displaying all the documents that contain matches for the search criteria (Figure 11.16). Next to each list document is a disk-shaped relevancy ranking. The more of the disk that's filled in, the more relevant results were found in the document.

Figure 11.16. The results of the search are shown in the Search Results dialog box.

Select the document you want to view, and click the View button.

That PDF file opens in Acrobat or Reader with the search results highlighted (Figure 11.17).

Figure 11.17. The search term is highlighted in the PDF document.

Move between highlighted results by clicking the Previous Highlight and Next Highlight buttons in the File toolbar.



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