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Creating Indexes

When your files are finished, named, and stored in a folder hierarchy, you're ready to start using Acrobat Catalog to build your index.

To create an index:

Choose Catalog from the Tools menu.

The Adobe Catalog dialog box appears.

Click the New Index button (Figure 11.1).

Figure 11.1. The Adobe Catalog dialog box is where you start creating or accessing indexes.

The New Index Definition dialog box opens (Figure 11.2).

Figure 11.2. The New Index Definition dialog box contains text boxes for basic index information, such as index name, description, and directories in the index.

Type the index title and description in the appropriate text boxes.

Use the Include These Directories and Exclude These Subdirectories list boxes to specify which directories or folders to include in your index.

Click the topmost Add button to open the Add Include Directory dialog box (Figures 11.3 and 11.4).

Figure 11.3. In Macintosh, select the desired directories and then click Choose.

Figure 11.4. In the Windows dialog box, click the folder icon to display subdirectories.

Navigate to the files you want to include in your index, and click OK/Choose to include a directory, or click the folders (Windows) or the Open button (Mac OS) to get to subdirectories.

You return to the New Index Definition dialog box. The directory names appear in the Include These Directories list. Click Remove to delete any folders you've chosen by mistake.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the Exclude These Subdirectories field to omit subfolders that you don't want to index.

Click the Options button to set additional options for the index.

The Options dialog box opens (Figure 11.5). This dialog box contains many of the same options as the Index Defaults section of the Catalog Preferences dialog box (see below). You can exclude numbers and certain words for quicker indexing, and set word options for searches.

Figure 11.5. The Options dialog box lets you exclude certain elements to minimize index size.

After setting the definition of the index file, click the Build button to start the indexing.

The Save Index File dialog box opens (Figure 11.6).

Figure 11.6. Type a name for the new index and choose a location in which to store it.

Choose a location in which to store the index, type a file name (or accept the default name), and click Save.

You'll see the progress of the index in the Adobe Catalog dialog box (Figure 11.7). The index is saved as a .pdx file.

Figure 11.7. You can watch the progress of the index building in the Catalog dialog box.

Click the Close button when the index is complete.



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