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Chapter 14. Automating Acrobat > Creating and Editing Sequences

Creating and Editing Sequences

A batch sequence is nothing more than a list of commands that Acrobat executes in order when it's run. If you've worked with macros in a word processing program, or with scripts in desktop publishing or Web design, running sequences won't seem foreign at all, and creating new sequences and customizing existing ones will be easy.

To create a new batch-processing sequence:

Choose File > Batch Processing > Edit Batch Sequences.

The Batch Sequences dialog box appears.

Click the New Sequence button.

The Name Sequence dialog box opens (Figure 14.10).

Figure 14.10. Enter a name for the new sequence. I like to name a sequence by its commands.

Enter a descriptive name for the sequence, and click OK.

The Batch Edit Sequence dialog box opens (Figure 14.11).

Figure 14.11. Click Select Commands to edit the sequence.

In the Select Sequence of Commands section, click the Select Commands button.

The Edit Sequence dialog box opens (Figure 14.12).

Figure 14.12. Clicking the Add button adds the selected sequence to the command.

Specify each command that you want Acrobat to perform by selecting the command in the list on the left side of the dialog box and clicking the Add button.


Double-click the command name in the left column to move it to the right column.

The commands appear in the list on the right side of the dialog box.

To change the order of commands in the right column, select the one you want to move and then click the Move Up or Move Down button.

Click OK when you're done choosing commands.

The Edit Sequence dialog box closes, and you return to the Batch Edit Sequence dialog box.

In the Run Commands On section, choose what files to act on from the pop-up menu.

If you chose to run commands on a folder, click Choose to open the Select Folder to Process dialog box (Figure 14.13), select the folder, and click Choose to return to the Batch Edit Sequence dialog box.

Figure 14.13. Select a folder in the list, and click Choose.

In the Select Output Location section, choose a location from the pop-up menu.

I chose to put output files in same folder as originals. If you choose a specific folder, you'll have to click the Choose button to choose the folder in which you want the files to be saved.

Click the Output Options button.

The Output Options dialog box opens (Figure 14.14).

Figure 14.14. The Output Options dialog box offers choices for naming and placing the processed file.

Specify a name for the processed file and the format in which it should be output.

Click OK to set this new sequence.

You'll see the new sequence in the Batch Sequence dialog box (Figure 14.15).

Figure 14.15. The new sequence joins the existing ones in the list.

Click the Close button to exit.



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