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Chapter 10. Annotating PDFs > Creating Custom Stamps

Creating Custom Stamps

You can use any graphic program that can save a file in PDF format to create custom stamps for Acrobat. You'll get better results, however, if you create the graphic in a vector-based program, such as Illustrator, because you'll be able to resize the stamp without the stamp's smooth outline. Because Acrobat treats PDF documents as containers for stamps, you can export an Illustrator document as a PDF page and use that page as a stamp.

To create a custom stamp in Illustrator and Acrobat:

Create the artwork you want to use as a stamp (Figure 10.31).

Figure 10.31. Here's the Illustrator artwork I've created to use as a custom stamp within Acrobat.

Choose Save from the File menu.

The Save As dialog box appears (Figure 10.32).

Figure 10.32. When I save the file, I give it a name that tells me what to look for within Acrobat.

Name the file, and choose one of the following locations in which to save the PDF document:

Acrobat\Acrobat 5.0\Plug_ins\Annotations\Stamps (Windows)

Adobe Acrobat 5.0:Plug-Ins:Annotations:Stamps (Mac OS)

Choose Acrobat PDF format from the Format pop-up menu.

Click the Save button.

Open the PDF document in Acrobat.

Choose File > Document Properties > Summary (Ctrl-D/Command-D).

The Document Summary dialog box appears (Figure 10.33).

Figure 10.33. The Document Summary dialog box allows you to enter the name of the category of stamp you'll be using.

Enter a name in the Title text box to specify a stamp category and then click the OK button.

If you don't alter the content of the Title text box, the file name will be used by default.

Choose Tools > Forms > Page Templates (Figure 10.34).

Figure 10.34. Choose Tools > Forms > Page Templates.

The Page Templates dialog box appears.

Type the name of the stamp, using the convention CategoryName=Name (Figure 10.35).

Figure 10.35. The Page Templates dialog box lets you name the stamps by using a somewhat odd naming convention.

For a category that you've called Fun and a stamp that you'd like to call jen's stamp, for example, you would type FunTip=Tip.

Click the Add button and the Yes button to create a new template using the current page.

Click the Done button.

Save the PDF document and close it.



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