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Reader Preferences

You can alter a multitude of preferences in Acrobat Reader that affect the way you view and navigate through documents. Although the default preferences will work fine for most users, you may want to make some changes. Most of these options can be modified using the Preferences dialog box.

To change Reader preferences:

Choose Edit >Preferences (Windows) or Edit >Preferences >General (Macintosh), or press Ctrl+K/Command-K.

From the left-hand list in the Preferences dialog box, choose the preferences you want to set.

Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to close without saving.

  • Accessibility (Figure 2.13) lets you change the colors used by Acrobat Reader to display documents, so that people with vision or motor limitations can read them more easily.

    Figure 2.13. Set Document colors to be more easily seen by vision-impaired readers.

  • Comments allows you to change the font and font size of the comments displayed in a PDF document.

  • Display is the place to change the Default Page Layout, Page Units, Application Language, Smoothing, Magnification, and other parameters of displaying a PDF file onscreen.

  • Forms settings determine whether forms can calculate field values automatically, and whether forms are displayed with a Focus Rectangle or with highlighted Form Fields. You can also change the Highlight color.

  • Full Screen lets you customize Full Screen mode, in which all Reader controls and tools are hidden. With the Navigation options, you can choose to advance to the next page after a set time interval or by clicking the mouse; to loop back to the beginning of the document after the last page; and to set the Escape key to exit Full Screen Mode. The Appearance options let you set the style of transition between pages, whether the mouse cursor is visible or hidden, and the background color.

  • Identity allows you to set the Reader user's ID; this data can then be automatically entered into Forms.

  • Options is where you change Web Browser, Startup, and Miscellaneous settings (Figure 2.14).

    Figure 2.14. Set options for Web browsers, Reader startup behavior, and other features.

  • Update sets Acrobat Reader to check Adobe's Web site periodically for software updates.

  • Web Buy enables you to purchase and read copy-protected PDF documents. Here you set the warnings, Identifiers, and location of Bookshelf.



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