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Chapter 1. Acrobat Reader Basics > Installing Acrobat Reader

Installing Acrobat Reader

The installation procedure for Acrobat Reader comes in a variety of flavors, depending on where the installer came from and which platform you're installing Reader onto. All Windows users and many Mac users will follow a disk-based procedure. In this case, the complete installer is either supplied on a CD-ROM or downloaded from the Web to the user's hard disk. Some Mac users will employ Web-based installation, which uses a small program downloaded from Adobe's Web site to download the complete Acrobat Reader software. (See the sidebar “Installing from Where?” for more information.)

To install Acrobat Reader (Windows):

Find the Acrobat Reader Installer icon and double-click it to launch the installation process.

The Acrobat Reader 5.0 Setup screen (Figure 1.5) will prompt you through the installation process. Click Next to continue.

Figure 1.5. The Acrobat Reader 5.0 Setup Screen begins the installation process.

The installer will automatically select a location on your hard drive in which to install Reader. The default directory path will be displayed in the Choose Destination Location window (Figure 1.6). To change the destination, click the Browse button and navigate to your preferred directory. If the default directory is correct, click Next.

Figure 1.6. Reader is installed to a default location unless you specify a different folder.

At this point Acrobat Reader will begin to install itself. A bar will pop up to track the installation's progress (Figure 1.7). You can stop the process at any time by clicking Cancel.

Figure 1.7. You can watch the progress bar to see how the installation is going.

Once installation is complete, a dialog box will ask if you want to restart Windows. Select this option and click Finish. The installer will then quit and Windows will restart.

Verify that Acrobat Reader has been installed properly by opening its destination directory (Figure 1.8). There you should find the AcroRd32 application, RdrENU document, ReadMe file, and several folders (ActiveX, Browser, JavaScripts, Legal, Optional, plug_ins, and SPPlugins).

Figure 1.8. Go to the Acrobat Reader folder to make sure that everything was installed properly.

The first time you launch Reader, the Adobe Acrobat Software License Agreement will appear (Figure 1.9). You must accept the agreement before you can use Reader.

Figure 1.9. You must accept the Software License Agreement before you can use Reader.



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