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Chapter 12. Mail Merge Magic > The Structure of the Customers Database

The Structure of the Customers Database

All source data resides in the Customers database. The tables are shown in Figure 12.2. They are:

  • tblCustomers— This table holds name and address information. It also has fields to categorize a customer by type (retail, mail order, and so on) and by metro area. MetroArea is a useful field, which helps to group customers by an area, but not particularly by state or province. For example, the metro area named “New York City” is applied to customers who live in the New York City area, which includes portions of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

  • tblSales— This holds purchase sums made by customers. Only two significant fields are here: PurchaseDate and Amount. Customers can have multiple records in this table.

  • tblInterests_Lookup— This is a lookup table. Customers can be categorized with areas of interest such as gardening, travel, cooking, and so on. Each interest category has a numerical ID and a name.

  • tblInterests— This table joins the customers and interests. The table contains only the keys of the related tables.

  • tblQueries— This table is used for storing criteria sets that users create using the custom functionality in the solution document. As discussed later in the chapter, users make selections in a user form, which has a Save feature. Criteria selections on the form are saved in this table. The fields here match the available selections on the form. Note that this table has no relation to the other tables.



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