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Key Terms

Key Terms


Active Data Objects is a technology used for database connectivity, data querying, and data manipulation.


Active Server Pages is a technology that provides programmatic functionality to HTML/Web pages.


A name/value pair that belongs to an XML element. An element can have any number of attributes. Example: City=Boston


Collaboration Data Objects is a technology used for advanced functionality in solutions that use messaging, interact with address books, manage e-mail workflow, and so on.


The Connection is an object provided by ADO. A Connection is used to establish communication with a data source.


Distributed Authoring Search and Location is used for designating search criteria.


The Document Object Model provides an object-based, programmable interface to an XML set of data.


The basic XML tag. An element has an opening and a closing tag. Example: <City>Seattle</City>. Elements can be nested.


A variation of JavaScript provided by Microsoft.

Map/XML Map

An Excel 2003 object used for managing XML data in a workbook.


Microsoft Data Access Components. Data access technologies such as ODBC and ADO are typically downloaded in the MDAC package.


The Microsoft XML Parser, also named the Microsoft XML Core Services. A number of versions of the parser have been released.


Used to ensure unique elements. Because element tags can be freely named, a possibility exists for two elements to have the same name. For example, “Name” may apply to both a person's name and a city name. By associating tags with a unique namespace, the uniqueness carries through to the tag. Example: <ns:Name>


A generic term for an element or an attribute.


Open Database Connectivity is a technology for establishing connectivity with databases and other data stores.


A tool for working with XML data.

Query String

A query string consists of name/value pairs (such as State=Texas) and is appended to the end of a Web page URL. This allows criteria to be passed from one Web page to another.


The Recordset is an object provided by ADO. A Recordset is used for containing and manipulating queried data.

Relational Data

Data is often related to other data, commonly in a one-to-many relationship. For example, one person may have three different phone numbers. The relationships that exist in data often drive the design of how the data is stored.


The Simple API for XML is an event-based approach for working with XML data.


Describes the structure of an XML document. A schema can indicate the order of fields, optional or mandatory attributes, and data types. Schemas conform to a standard called XSD (Extensible Schema Definition) and have the file extension .xsd.


See [WSS]
Smart Document

A smart document is either a Word document or an Excel worksheet that provides dynamic feedback to users based on their actions in the document or worksheet. The new Document Actions task pane is where the dynamic feedback occurs within the user screen area.

Smart Tag

A smart tag offers customized actions based on a predefined list of terms. When a recognized term is keyed in, the list of available actions appears on the screen next to the term.


Simple Object Access Protocol is an XML-based language used for exchanging information, typically with Web services.


Structured Query Language is used to query databases; manipulate data; and create, edit, and delete database objects such as tables.


An XML-based language for transforming an XML document into another XML document, or into another format such as HTML. The language is called Extensible Style Sheet Language (Transformations), and .xsl is the file extension of a transformation.


Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration is a specification that allows businesses to describe themselves and their services in a searchable format. UDDI information is entered into a searchable registry.


Uniform Resource Locator/Uniform Resource Identifier. Used primarily in namespace declarations. URLs and URIs are unique. Example: http://www.solutions4office.com

Valid/Well Formed

XML data must adhere to certain rules. It is well formed when the rules have not been broken. It is valid when it adheres to an indicated schema.


Visual Basic for Applications is the core programming language in Microsoft Office products.


VBScript is a programming language often used with ASP in Web applications.

Web Service

A Web service is a network-available set of functions that process messages and return information.


A unique XML-based language used to store and describe native Word documents. WordML itself follows XML rules.


The Web Services Description Language is an XML-based language used for describing available network services and how to interact with them.


Windows SharePoint Services is a set of services that allows disparate teams to work together using Web technology.


Extensible Markup Language is a specification for storing data in a structured format.


XPath is an XML-based language for addressing and isolating sections of an XML document.

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