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The Word Screen

Key to the Word Screen

  1. Menu bar

    The menu bar appears at the top of the screen and offers access to Word's commands.

  2. Standard toolbar

    The Standard toolbar offers buttons for basic Word commands. This toolbar is very similar in other Microsoft Office 2001 applications.

  3. Title bar

    The title bar displays the document's title. You can drag the title bar to move the window.

  4. Formatting Palette

    The Formatting Palette offers buttons and other controls for applying formatting to document contents.

  5. Close box

    The close box offers one way to close the window.

  6. Zoom box

    The zoom box enables you to toggle the window's size from full size to a custom size that you create with the size box.

  7. Collapse box

    The collapse box enables you to collapse or expand the window. When collapsed, only the title bar appears.

  8. Ruler

    Word's ruler enables you to set paragraph formatting options such as tabs and indentation.

  9. Insertion point

    The blinking insertion point indicates where text will appear when typed or inserted with the Paste command.

  10. End-of-document marker

    The end-of-document marker indicates the end of the document.

  11. Document window

    The document window is where you create, edit, and view Word documents.

  12. I-beam pointer

    The I-beam pointer enables you to position the insertion point or select text. This pointer, which is controlled by the mouse, turns into other pointer shapes depending on its position on the screen and over objects.

  13. Scroll bars

    Scroll bars enable you to shift the window's contents to view different parts of the document.

  14. View buttons

    View buttons enable you to switch between various Word views.

  15. Browse Object controls

    These buttons enable you to navigate among various document elements.

  16. Status bar

    The status bar displays information about the document, such as the current page number and section, insertion point location, and word counts.

  17. Size box

    The size box enables you to resize the window to a custom size.

  18. Office Assistant

    The Office Assistant provides help and tips as you work.

  19. Finder Desktop

    The Finder Desktop appears in the background as you work with Word. Clicking the Desktop switches you to the Finder.



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