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Save options

Save options enable you to set file saving preferences for all files that you save.

  • Always create backup copy saves the previous version of a file as a backup copy in the same folder as the original. Each time the file is saved, the new backup copy replaces the old one.

  • Allow fast saves speeds up saving by saving only the changes to an existing file. If you turn off this check box, Word saves the entire file; this takes longer but results in slightly smaller files. This option is not available when the Always create backup copy option is enabled.

  • Prompt for document properties displays the Properties dialog box (Figure 12) when you save a file for the first time. You can use this dialog box to enter and store information about the file.

    Figure 12. The Summary tab of the Properties dialog box.

  • Prompt to save Normal template displays a dialog box that enables you to save or discard changes you made to the default settings in the Normal template. With this check box turned off, Word automatically saves changes to the Normal template.

  • Save data only for forms saves the data entered into a form as a single, tab-delimited record that you can import into a database.

  • Save AutoRecover info every enables you to set a frequency for automatically saving a special document recovery file. Word can use the AutoRecover file to recreate the document if your computer crashes or loses power before you get a chance to save changes.

  • Save Word files as enables you to choose a default format for saving Word files. The pop-up menu (Figure 13) offers the same options found in the Save As dialog box.

    Figure 13. The Save Word files as pop-up menu in the Save tab of the Preferences dialog box.



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