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Lesson 12. Managing Color

Lesson 12. Managing Color

Acrobat 5.0 supports the same color engine, the Adobe color engine, as is used in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Adobe Illustrator 9.0. Sharing this core colormanagement technology provides you with a consistent color experience when migrating files between programs. The soft proofing capability of Acrobat lets you save time and money by doing your color proofing on screen. And when you're ready to print a color file from Acrobat, you can specify whether color is managed on the printer or from Acrobat.

In this lesson, you'll do the following:

  • Look at how Acrobat handles unmanaged color spaces.

  • Set up Acrobat to proof a color image on-screen (soft proofing).

  • Preview overprinting.

  • Look at host-based and printer-based color printing.

This lesson will take about 30 minutes to complete.

If needed, remove the previous lesson folder from your hard drive, and copy the Lesson12 folder onto it.


Windows users need to unlock the lesson files before using them. For information, see Copying the Classroom in a Book files on page 3.

In this lesson, you'll learn some basic color management concepts and terminology. You'll learn how Acrobat handles unmanaged color by temporarily assigning ICC profiles based on the settings in the Acrobat Color Preferences dialog box. You'll also learn how to set up your system for on-screen color proofing and previewing overprinting.



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