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Lesson 4. Customizing Adobe PDF Output Quality > Managing color in Distiller

Managing color in Distiller

Any image in a file created by an ICC-compliant application such as Photoshop or Illustrator may have an ICC profile—a description of a device's color space—attached. Distiller can interpret embedded ICC profiles to automatically manage color, and it can assign ICC profiles to unmanaged color spaces.

When you use Distiller to convert a PostScript file to Adobe PDF, you can choose to use the color management information contained in the PostScript file, or you can modify any embedded color management information using the color settings in the job options file.

Take a few minutes to explore the color management settings in the default Distiller job options.


In Acrobat, color is managed through the Color Management preferences (in the General Preferences dialog box).

In Distiller, select eBook from the Job Options pop-up menu, and then choose Settings > Job Options. Click the Color tab.

For each of the default Distiller Job Options, eBook, Press, Print, and Screen, the Settings File is set to None—that is, Distiller uses color management information contained in the PostScript file. If the PostScript file contains unmanaged color spaces, however, Distiller converts or tags those spaces based on the color management policy and working spaces settings set in this dialog box.

Open the Settings File pop-up menu.

If you are working in a well-defined color workflow, you can select a color settings file (CSF) from the Settings File pop-up menu. Notice that these color settings files mirror those used in Photoshop and Illustrator. These files cannot be edited.

Choose U.S. Prepress Defaults.

Notice that the Color Management Policies and Working Spaces options cannot be edited for these predefined color settings files.

Click Cancel to close the Job Options dialog box without making any changes.

For more information on these color settings, see “Setting the Distiller Color job options” in the Acrobat 5.0 online Help.

Distiller job options Acrobat compatibility level Color management policy
eBook 4.0 Convert all colors to sRGB.
Press 4.0 Leave color unchanged.
Print 4.0 Tag everything for color management.
Screen 3.0 Convert everything to CalRGB.

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