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Lesson 8. Creating Forms > Using the Fields palette

Using the Fields palette

If you need to modify an existing form that contains form fields, the Fields palette provides a useful overview of all the form fields in a document. It also offers an easy way to lock fields to protect them against accidental changes while you are developing a form. In this section, you'll use the Fields palette to change the properties of a series of related fields.

Choose File > Open, and open the Expfinal.pdf file in the Lesson08 folder.

Choose Window > Fields.

The Fields palette appears in the document pane as a floating window. To make it easier to work in the form, you'll dock the Fields palette in the navigation pane.

If needed, click the Show/Hide Navigation Pane button () to open the navigation pane.

Drag the tab of the floating Fields palette into the navigation pane.

Close the floating palette that contains the Tags palette.

Click the Fields tab to bring the palette to the front.

Notice that each type of form field has a particular icon. In Windows, you can select the hand tool, and click on a form field in the Expense1.pdf document. As you click on the form field, the corresponding form field in the Fields palette is highlighted.

As with other palettes, the form field markers can be expanded and collapsed. Form fields with related names are grouped under a marker.

Select the forms tool (), and double-click a marker in the Fields palette to highlight the corresponding field in the form.

This allows you to quickly navigate to fields when you are editing a form, for example.

Now you'll use the Fields palette to change the name of the Total field in the Transportation section of the form.

Use the zoom-in tool () to magnify the Transportation section of the form.

Expand the Total form field marker in the navigation pane to show the entire list of related markers.

You'll change the name of these form fields.

Select the Total form field marker, and right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS). In the context menu, select Rename Field.

Enter the new field name in the form field marker text box. (We renamed the field Expenses.)

Notice that you can also lock form fields using this context menu.

Click in a blank area of the navigation pane.

In Windows, the form field marker automatically moves. (Markers are listed in alphabetical order.) In Mac OS, renamed fields are placed at the bottom of the palette. The name of the form field marker is changed, and the names of the subordinate fields are changed correspondingly, as are the names of the form fields on the form itself.

You can change the names of any form fields in the same way.

Select the hand tool.

Close the file without saving it.



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