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Review questions

1:How can you create a PDF file from within an authoring program, such as Adobe® FrameMaker®?
A1: Use the Print command in the authoring program, choose Acrobat Distiller (Windows) or Create Adobe PDF (Mac OS) as the printer, and then print to a file.
2:What file formats can you use with the Open as Adobe PDF command?
A2: The Open as Adobe PDF command works on text files, HTML files, and a variety of image files. The types of files supported are listed in the Open dialog box in the Files of Type (Windows) or Show (Mac OS) pop-up menu.
3:What are the default Distiller job options, and what are they recommended for?
A3: The eBook job options are the default Distiller job options. They are used to create Adobe PDF files that balance size with image and text quality to give a relatively small PDF file that is designed primarily to be read on screen—on desktop or laptop computers or on devices for reading eBooks.
4:What types of passwords can you assign to a document?
A4: You can assign a password that lets users open the document and one that lets users change the security options for the document.
5:What are the properties of a PDF Image Only file? A PDF Normal file?
A5: In a PDF Image Only file, all the pictures and text are treated as images. You cannot edit the text using the touchup text tool or search the text using the Find or Search command. A PDF Normal file contains searchable and editable text.
6:How do you make a scanned page searchable and editable in Acrobat?
A6: To convert a scanned PDF Image file to a searchable, editable PDF Normal file, use Acrobat Capture or the Paper Capture Online service offered by Adobe. Both use optical character recognition to convert bitmap text to searchable, editable text.
7:What is a “suspect” word?
A7: A suspect word is a word that has probably been recognized incorrectly during the capture process. Acrobat provides its best guess for the characters in the suspect word and lets you correct its mistakes.



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