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Creating a List

Getting started is easy. In fact, Excel may have already offered you the opportunity to use the List Manager.

To start a list:

Simply start entering your information into your Excel document. You may be presented with a query guessing that you're creating a list (Figure 10.1), along with an offer to invoke the List Manager. Click Yes to skip the List Wizard steps below.

Figure 10.1. When it appears that a list is being created, Excel offers the List Manager.


Click the cell where you want the list to begin, and choose Insert > List to bring up the List Wizard (Figure 10.2).

Figure 10.2. Chose Insert > List to bring up the List Wizard.

In Step 1 of the List Wizard, tell Excel whether you want to start with a new list, an existing spreadsheet, or an external file (Figure 10.3). You can also tell it whether you want to open the list into a new worksheet or an existing one, and you can pick a particular starting cell. Click Next when you're ready.

Figure 10.3. In the List Wizard, specify where the data is coming from and where you want to insert it.

In Step 2 of the List Wizard (Figure 10.4), type in the name of each column for your list in order, and choose the data types from the pull-down list. Click Add after specifying each column. When you're finished, click Next.

Figure 10.4. Specify column names and data types

In Step 3 of the List Wizard (Figure 10.5), give your list a name, and indicate whether you want Excel to add a totals row for you. Here you may also choose an AutoFormat style. When you're done, click Finish.

Figure 10.5. Name the list, and choose a totals row or Autoformat style if you wish.

The list appears where you specified, inside a special list frame (Figure 10.6).

Figure 10.6. The list appears in the document in a list frame.



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