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Using Wizards

Wizards walk you through the process of creating a document and provide you with sample text you can use. You can always change the text later, but if you're not sure what to say, wizards can be great aids. Word provides wizards for creating letters, brochures, menus, catalogs, and labels.

The following procedures walk you through creating a letter with the letter wizard. Chapter 8 goes over documents such as catalogs and envelopes in more detail, but the basic steps for using a wizard are the same.

To use a wizard:

If you don't already have the Project Gallery window open, select File > Project Gallery.

Select a category from the menu on the left.

Word provides wizards for creating letters, envelopes, mailing labels, catalogs, and brochures.

In the pane on the right, click the wizard for the type of document you want to create, and click OK (Figure 4.6).

Figure 4.6. The letter wizard is selected in the Project Gallery.

Follow the steps of the wizard to build your document.

Each step prompts you for more detail to help you create a customized document.

In Step 1 of the letter wizard, enter information about the style and format of the letter, including page design, letter style, and date, and then click Next (Figure 4.7).

Figure 4.7. Select the page design and letter style.

Previews of your choices appear in the preview panes.

In Step 2, enter information about the recipient, including name and address, and the salutation, and then click Next (Figure 4.8).

Figure 4.8. Enter the recipient's name and address, and the salutation.

In Step 3, enter additional information such as mailing instructions, a subject line, and courtesy copies, and then click Next (Figure 4.9).

Figure 4.9. Enter any additional mailing instructions, or a subject or reference line.

In Step 4, enter information about the sender, including name, address, and closing, and then click Finish (Figure 4.10).

Figure 4.10. Enter the sender's name and a closing.

The letter appears as a new document (Figure 4.11).

Figure 4.11. Start typing the content of your letter.

Type in the content for your letter over the words "Type your text here."


You can click the arrows next to the pull-down menus for lists of choices (Figure 4.12).

Figure 4.12. Click the arrows next to the pull-down menus for additional choices.


In the Letter Wizard, under the Recipient tab, click the Address Book icon to insert names and addresses automatically (Figure 4.13).

Figure 4.13. Click the Address Book icon under the Recipient tab to automatically enter addresses.

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