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Chapter 28. Internet Newsgroups > Downloading Files from Newsgroups

Downloading Files from Newsgroups

Attached files show up in newsgroup messages as attachments, just as they do in e-mail messages. However, the paper clip icon does not appear next to the message in the Attachments column of the message list until you've at least clicked the message to preview it. Before you do that, you can usually tell if a message contains an attachment by its size: anything over 1 or 2 K is almost certain to include an attachment. Once you've previewed or opened a message, you can handle its attachments the same way you do for e-mail (see "To manage attachments to received e-mail" in the "Reading Mail" section of Chapter 23). Newsgroups containing messages that may have attachments often include the word "binaries" in their name.

To download a file from a newsgroup:

Click your news server account in the Folder List.

Double-click the newsgroup in the newsgroup list.

Click a message that has an attachment.

After your computer reads the entire message from the server (this may take awhile, with no indication in Entourage of progress), the Attachments pane appears with the attachment showing (Figure 28.43).

Figure 28.43. The Attachments pane appears after the entire message is read from the server.

Select the attachment, and click the Save button to the right of the Attachments pane (Figure 28.44).

Figure 28.44. Select the attachment, and click Save.


Choose File > Save As (Figure 28.45).

Figure 28.45. Choose File > Save As.

The Save Attachment dialog box appears (Figure 28.46).

Figure 28.46. Pick a destination disk or folder, and click Save.

Open the disk or folder into which you want to save the file, and click Save.

The file is saved.



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