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Chapter 1. Essential Office Techniques > Starting New Documents

Starting New Documents

Unless you work exclusively with documents created by others, you will need to create new documents of your own. In all the Office programs, you can start a new blank document in the traditional ways (File > New, or ). A new feature, called the Project Gallery, gives you access, in addition to standard blank documents, to templates and wizards that provide a substantial amount of formatting and sometimes content as well. Templates are formatted documents to which you add your own content, much like your office letterhead, which already has your company's logo and return address printed on it, or a form with fields that you fill in. Wizards are short multiple-step procedures that ask you questions about the document you want to produce, and complete the document based on your answers. You can always edit the resulting document when the wizard is finished.

To use the Project Gallery:

Choose File > Project Gallery () (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1. Choose File > Project Gallery.

The Project Gallery opens (Figure 1.2). (You may have noticed that the window opens automatically upon launching an Office application.)

Figure 1.2. The Project Gallery appears.

Click a category in the left pane of the Project Gallery (click the triangles to expand to subcategories) (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.3. Click a category in the left pane to see the templates and wizards available on the right.

The templates or wizards available appear in the right pane.

Click an icon in the right pane to select the template or wizard you want.

Click OK.

If you've chosen a wizard, fill in the items in each step of the wizard.



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