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Chapter 9. Entering Information > Adding Comments to Cells

Adding Comments to Cells

In addition to entering the actual contents of a cell, you can attach a comment to it, which doesn't show unless you want it to. Comments are useful when you want to add a notation that explains something about the cell, or if you'd like to communicate with the other users about particular cells.

To create and manage comments:

To add a comment, click a cell and choose Insert > Comment (Figure 9.6).

Figure 9.6. To attach a comment, first choose Insert > Comment.

A text box appears. If you've filled in the User name field (Edit > Preferences > General), that name appears in the text box to identify who wrote the comment, but you can delete it if you wish.

Type your content in the box (Figure 9.7).

Figure 9.7. Type your comment in the text box.

When you click any other cell, the comment text box closes, but a small triangle appears in the upper-right corner of the commented cell to indicate that there's an associated comment (Figure 9.8).

Figure 9.8. The comment indicator, a small triangle, appears.

To view a cell's comment, pause the mouse pointer over that cell (Figure 9.9).

Figure 9.9. Pause the pointer over a cell to see the comment.

To view all the comments attached to all the cells in the worksheet, choose View > Comments (Figure 9.10). To hide all the comments again, choose View > Comments again.

Figure 9.10. Choose View > Comments to see all comments in a sheet.



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