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Chapter 23. E-mail > Dealing with Junk Mail

Dealing with Junk Mail

Anyone who has an e-mail account will get junk mail, and it will increase in volume as you send messages to corporations, newsgroups, and mailing lists, and through Web sites. Entourage provides a special case of its Rules capability to help you deal with junk mail.

To filter junk mail:

Choose Tools> Junk Mail Filter (Figure 23.50).

Figure 23.50. Choose Tools> Junk Mail Filter.

In the dialog box that appears (Figure 23.51), check the box next to Enable Junk Mail Filter if it isn't already checked. Use the slider to set the sensitivity of the filter lower (fewer messages are marked as junk) or higher (more messages are marked as junk). The formula Entourage uses to determine what is junk mail is complex; it's best to adjust the sensitivity by trial-and-error, if you notice too many or too few messages getting marked as junk.

Figure 23.51. In this dialog box you can enable the Junk Mail Filter, specify sensitivity, and take other actions.

When the Junk Mail Filter is enabled, it assigns the Junk Mail category to any message it deems junk mail. You may also choose, in the Junk Mail Filter dialog box, to mark junk mail as read, or run an AppleScript, if you have one, to do anything else you like with mail marked as junk. You may also choose Tools> Rules and set up any actions you like for mail marked as junk.

In the Junk Mail Filter dialog box you may enter a list of domains (the part of an e-mail address after the @ sign) that are never to be classified as junk mail. If you want mail from particular individuals never to be classified as junk, enter them as contacts in your address book; Entourage never classifies as junk any mail from anyone in your address book.

Don't simply delete all messages that wind up in the Junk Mail category; Entourage's filter isn't perfect, and you may lose messages you wanted to keep. You can usually tell what's really junk in the Message List by the sender or subject; if in doubt, read the message.

When you're satisfied that all the messages in your Inbox that carry the Junk Mail category are really junk, you can filter on that category, choose Edit> Select All (), and drag all the Junk messages from the Message List to the Deleted Items, to some other folder, or to the Trash on the desktop.



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