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Chapter 23. E-mail > Sending Mail and Files

Sending Mail and Files

Of course, one of the most basic functions of electronic mail is sending messages. You can send text messages and attach files to them, which your recipients can download to their computers.

To send e-mail:

Click the New button in the upper-left corner of the main window. If you click and hold down the button, a menu of different kinds of Entourage documents appears (Figure 23.9). You may choose one of the options, or if you simply click the New button once, you'll get a new e-mail message form.

Figure 23.9. Choose New> Mail Message.


Choose File> New> Mail Message () (Figure 23.10).

Figure 23.10. Choose File> New> Mail Message.

A new e-mail message form appears with the address window on top (Figure 23.11). You can type the e-mail address(es) you want to send to, or if the recipients' contact information is in your address book, you can type their names. As you type, Entourage presents a list of possibilities from the address book, based on what you've typed so far, and you can choose from among them.

Figure 23.11. Enter the address(es) of your recipient(s)

When you finish entering addresses and press , the message window appears with the address(es) entered and the pointer poised in the Subject field. Type the subject (Figure 23.12).

Figure 23.12. Enter the subject of the message

When you finish typing the subject, press again, and the pointer appears in the body of the message, ready for you to type (Figure 23.13).

Figure 23.13. Enter the text of your message

When you're finished typing the message, click one of the first three buttons at the top left of the message window: Send Now (if you're currently connected to your Internet service provider and want to send the message immediately), Send Later (you can write several e-mail messages, choose Send Later, and connect to your ISP later to send them all at once), or Save as Draft (if you think you'll want to edit the message before sending it) (Figure 23.14).

Figure 23.14. Click Save as Draft if you want to edit the message later before sending it



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