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Using Data Merge Manager

Word provides built-in, guided help for creating mail-merged letters, labels, and envelopes, including creating or opening the data source (for example, a collection of names and addresses), creating the merge document (with placeholders for the information that changes with each copy), and printing the merged document.

To create documents with the Data Merge Manager:

Create or open a document that you will use as your main document.

You can use form letters, labels, or envelopes and add placeholders to these documents.

Select Tools > Data Merge Manager.

The Data Merge Manager palette opens (Figure 8.11).

Figure 8.11. Use the Data Merge Manager palette to create merge letters, labels, or envelopes.

Click Main Document in the Data Merge Manager Palette, and then click Create.

Your document contains the generic information that you'll use for your merged documents.

Next, click Data Source, and then select New Data Source from the Get Data menu.

The Create Data Source dialog box appears (Figure 8.12).

Figure 8.12. The Create Data Source dialog box appears. The data source is the information that changes for each new data-merge document.

Before Word helps you create the actual merge document, helps you create or open the data source for the database.

Add or remove field names from the Field names in header row list, and click OK.

You are automatically prompted to save the Data Source.

After you save the Data Source, the Data Form dialog box appears (Figure 8.13).

Figure 8.13. Type information into the Data Form dialog box.

In the Data Form dialog box, type the information for each field, and then click OK.

In the main document, insert Word and Merge fields from the Word Field and Merge Field menus in the Data Merge Manager.

The Word and Merge fields are placeholders for the information from the data source.

When the merge document is complete, click the Merge to Printer or Merge to New Document button in the Data Merge Manager to create a document you can print later.



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