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Chapter 3. Creating a Document > Adding Bullets - Pg. 65

Creating a Document Table 3.4. Tab Alignment Markers Left tab Center tab Right tab Decimal tab Bar tab 65 Tip If you change your mind about a tab setting, you can remove the tab marker. Click and drag the marker right off the ruler. You'll notice that it disappears when it's no longer in the ruler. Adding Bullets Bullets can make a document interesting by breaking up the text into readable chunks of information. Imagine a sales report, for instance. If you're given a report to read that's nothing but a large block of text from top to bottom, you may not be so eager to begin reading it. Bullets make it easier for the reader to scan the text. We'll use bullets in the following procedure to cover both bullet symbols and numbers, since their procedures are similar. First select your text, then let's add some bullets. Procedure 3-13. To add bullets: 1.