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Chapter 25. Calendar > Invitations


Entourage makes it easy to send e-mail invitations to your events.

To invite others to an event:

Double-click an event to open its window (Figure 25.26). If it's a repeating event, in the dialog box that appears specify whether you're editing just one instance or the entire series.

Figure 25.26. Double-click an event to open its window.

Click the Invite button in the upper-left corner of the window (Figure 25.27).

Figure 25.27. Click the Invite button.

Type the e-mail addresses to which you wish to send the invitation (Figure 25.28), or select them from your list of addresses by double-clicking them (Figure 25.29). (Click the Address Book button to make your contacts list appear or disappear.) Press to close the addressing window.

Figure 25.28. Type the e-mail address of the invitee(s) in the addressing window.

Figure 25.29. Choose invitees from your Address Book.

Click the Send Now button to send your invitation (Figure 25.30).

Figure 25.30. Click a button to send the message now or later.

Recipients receive a message in which, if they are using Entourage, they can click Accept, Decline, or Tentative. Entourage immediately sends a response to the inviter. Invitees may change their minds at any time by opening the invitation message again and clicking a different choice. Recipients who don't use Entourage reply with regular e-mail.

To cancel an invitation you've already sent, double-click the event to open its window, and click the Cancel Invitations button at the top of the window (Figure 25.31). Invitees receive a cancellation e-mail message.

Figure 25.31. Click the Cancel Invitations button.



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