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Chapter 25. Calendar > Adding and Deleting Events

Adding and Deleting Events

As you might expect, there are several ways to add calendar events.

To add calendar events directly:

Select Calendar in the Folder List, and click the New button at the upper left of the window (Figure 25.8).

Figure 25.8. Click the New button.


Choose File > New > Calendar Event () (Figure 25.9).

Figure 25.9. Choose File > New > Calendar Event.


Double-click any date or time in either the two-month pane or the main-view pane.

In the event window that appears (Figure 25.10), enter the basic information for the event.

Figure 25.10. Enter basic event information.

To assign a color-coded category to the event, click and hold the Categories button at the right end of the window's toolbar (Figure 25.11).

Figure 25.11. Click and hold the Categories button.


Choose Edit > Categories, and choose a category from the submenu that appears (Figure 25.12).

Figure 25.12. Choose Edit > Categories.

To assign a start or end date, type the date in the appropriate field of the event window. Or click the calendar icon to the right of the field, scroll through the one-month view to the correct month using the arrows in the top-right corner, and click the date (Figure 25.13).

Figure 25.13. Use the arrows to scroll to the correct month, and click the date.

To set up a recurring event, click the Recurrence button in the event window, and in the Recurring Event window specify the recurrence frequency and limits (Figure 25.14).

Figure 25.14. Specify the recurrence details.

Click the Save button at the top of the window (Figure 25.15).

Figure 25.15. Click the Save button.


Choose File > Save () (Figure 25.16).

Figure 25.16. Choose File > Save.



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