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Review answers

1:Describe three ways you can make a document collection more accessible to users
A1: You can make the information in a document collection more accessible to users in these ways:
  • By compressing files to ensure that they're small enough for network distribution or for mass storage on CD volumes.

  • By using filenames that work across computer platforms.

  • By including a Welcome document with links to the document contents.

  • By ensuring that the collection includes document information such as title, subject, and keywords.

  • By organizing the files intuitively.

  • By indexing the document collection.

  • By optimizing the files for online use.

  • By including the Acrobat Reader application for viewing the documents.

  • By testing any electronic enhancements such as bookmarks, links, and forms, to make sure that they work as expected.

2:Why is providing a Welcome document important
A2: Users may have difficulty determining where to start when first opening a CD or visiting a Web site, or determining what's in the document collection. A Welcome PDF document cangive users an overview of a document collection and can include links to specific places in the collection.
3:Why is it recommended that you name your files with one to eight characters plus a .pdf extension
A3: Naming files with one to eight characters (no spaces) plus a .pdf extension causes properly configured applications to launch the appropriate program when they encounter PDF files. Most Web browsers, Web servers, and versions of Microsoft Windows have been configured to associate .pdf files with Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, or the Web browser plug-in.
4:What does optimization do to your PDF files
A4: When Acrobat optimizes PDF documents, it consolidates background objects (text, line art, and images) to reduce the file size significantly, and reorders objects in the PDF file format for page-at-a-time downloading over the Internet. With page-at-a-time downloading (also called byte-serving), the Web server sends only the requested page of information to the user, not the entire PDF document.
5:Are you allowed to include the Acrobat Reader installers on CDs that you publish
A5: Yes, Adobe allows you to distribute the Acrobat Reader installer and application with PDF documents that you publish.



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