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Creating PDF from Authoring Programs 68 PDFWriter or Acrobat Distiller? Your workflow process, document type, and document content determine which Acrobat producer --PDFWriter or Acrobat Distiller--you should use to create your PDF document. · Use PDFWriter for quick conversion of simple business documents to PDF. If you do not obtain satisfactory results with PDFWriter, convert the document to PDF with Distiller. · Use Distiller for documents containing Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) graphics, documents containing bitmap images for which you need to choose specific resampling and compression methods, or documents produced from desktop publishing applications, such as Adobe Frame- Maker, Adobe PageMaker, and QuarkXPress®, that have been optimized to print to PostScript. Also use Distiller for batch processing on your hard drive. The following table provides general guidelines to help you determine which method to select for specific types of documents. Use Distiller if you: Have desktop publishing documents such as those created with Page- Maker, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, or FreeHand® Have documents containing EPS graphics Have documents containing images in which you need precise control over compression and down-sampling options Have documents containing PostScript features that you need to main- tain in the PDF document such as OPI comments Send documents to prepress or service bureaus for high-end publishing Have documents you would like to batch process Obtain unsatisfactory results from PDFWriter Use PDFWriter if you: Have simple business documents such as those created with Microsoft Word or ExcelTM Have documents that do not contain EPS graphics Want to add a Create PDF macro to applications that use macros Do not want to install a PostScript printer driver on your system (PostScript printer drivers are required to use Dis- tiller) Have limited amounts of RAM Want to produce PDF documents more quickly than you can with Distiller Using fonts with this lesson In this lesson, you'll work with several source files that contain specific fonts. If you receive a mes- sage indicating that the necessary fonts are not installed, see the introduction, "Getting Started" and install the fonts from the Classroom in a Book CD. Creating a PDF file with PDFWriter PDFWriter is best used with simple business documents that contain mostly text. The process of using PDFWriter to create a PDF file is often faster than using Distiller. But for some documents, especially those containing placed EPS images, PDFWriter may not produce satisfactory results. In those cases, use Distiller to process the files. In this section, you'll use PDFWriter to create a PDF file from a word-processing document that contains a simple graphic. We have supplied a Microsoft Word document. Ifyour word processor cannot open Microsoft Word documents, skip to "Viewing the PDF contract" on page 77, and use the PDF document that has been supplied. Opening the contract file 1. 2. Start your word processor. Choose File > Open. Select Contract.doc in the Lesson03 folder, located inside the Lessons folder within the AA4_CIB folder on your hard drive, and click Open.