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Lesson 14. Adding Page Actions, Movies, ... > Using movie and sound files - Pg. 322

Adding Page Actions, Movies, and Sounds to PDF Files 322 Using movie and sound files You can use media clips with your PDF documents in a variety of ways. The movie tool in Adobe Acrobat lets you add movies and sounds as playable clips in your document. You can also assign movies and sounds as actions that automatically play when you click a link, bookmark, or button, or when you open or close a page. When you add a media clip to a PDF document using the movie tool, or when you add a movie clip as an action, the clip does not become part of the document; the document simply contains a pointer that references the media file. If you plan to distribute your PDF document, you must also include these sound or movie files along with the document. However, when you add a sound clip as an action, the sound clip does become part of the PDF file; in this case, you do not have to include the original sound file. Although you can add movie and sound clips to a PDF document, you cannot create or edit the content of these files using any of the Acrobat programs. You must create your clip using a sound- or video-editing program first, and then save the file in a format that Acrobat can recognize. For a list of suitable sound and movie formats, see "Integrating media clips into PDFs" in Chapter 10 of the online Adobe Acrobat User Guide. Opening the work file In this lesson, you'll work with an online Field Guide for Mount Rainier. The field guide is designed to provide park visitors with an interactive, multimedia tour of Mount Rainier's services, sights, ge- ology, and history. Visitors can use links to follow their own path of interest through the document