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A Quick Tour of Adobe Acrobat > Creating a PDF form

Creating a PDF form

You can use Acrobat to create interactive forms for other Acrobat users to fill in. Users can simply print the forms, or they can submit them over the World Wide Web. Submitted form data is imported and exported independently of the forms themselves, allowing for efficient transmitting and archiving.

Choose File > Open, select Form.pdf in the Tour folder, and click Open.

Select the form tool () in the tool bar.

Notice that all the form fields but one have been created for you. They include check boxes for selecting guides to order, a text field for entering an address, radio buttons for selecting a credit card type, and a button for sending the form data to a server or Web site. You'll add the one field missing, a text field for entering a name.

Drag around the rectangle below the word Name to create a form field for names.

In the Field Properties dialog box, type Name in the Name text box (to label the field "Name"). Choose Text from the Type menu.

Drag around rectangle below "Name" to create from field.

Specify properties in Field Properties dialog box.

Click the Appearance tab.

Under Border, select Border Color and Background Color. Click the appropriate color box to access the system palette and set the Border Color to black and the Background Color to white. For Width, choose Thin, and for Style, choose Solid.

Under Text, for Font, choose a font (we used Helvetica*). For Size, choose 12. Click OK.

Select the hand tool (), and test the form by clicking in the text fields and typing. Notice that the Address field, which contains multiple lines, accepts carriage returns whereas the other fields do not.

Now you'll attach this form to the guide using thumbnails. Thumbnails allow you to copy pages between PDF documents.

Choose Window > Tile > Vertically so the windows for both the form and guide arevisible.

In the guide window, click the Thumbnails tab to bring the Thumbnails palette to thefront.

In the form window, choose Window > Show Thumbnails to display thumbnails. Then click the form's thumbnail to select it.

Drag the form's thumbnail to the guide's thumbnail list, and drop it after the last thumbnail page. (A bar indicates the insertion point as you drag.)

Drag form's thumbnail to end of guide's thumbnail list.

The form is copied and becomes the last page of the guide.

Because you have made a copy of the form, you can now put the original away. Choose File > Close to close the Form.pdf file. Click No (Windows) or Don't Save (Mac OS) to confirm closing the file without saving changes.

Resize the guide window.



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