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A Quick Tour of Adobe Acrobat > Navigating a PDF document

Navigating a PDF document

In addition to converting documents to PDF, you use Acrobat to navigate existing PDF documents. You can turn pages as in a traditional book, change the magnification of the page that you are viewing, and return easily to previous page views. You'll navigate an online dining guide.

Start Acrobat.

Choose File > Open. Select Guide.pdf in the Tour folder, located inside the Lessons folder within the AA4_CIB folder on your hard drive, and click Open. Then choose File > Save As, rename the file Guide1.pdf, and save it in the Tour folder.

Notice that the first page of the guide appears at actual size in the Acrobat window. (The status bar at the bottom of the window indicates 100% magnification.)

Choose Window > Show Bookmarks to display bookmarks.

Bookmarks appear in the navigation pane to the left of the document pane. They are special types of links that can serve as a table of contents.

To see a bookmark in action, select the hand tool () in the tool bar, and click the Introduction bookmark to jump to page 2 of the guide.

Click Introduction bookmark.


Select the zoom-in tool () in the tool bar, and drag a rectangle around the map on page 2 to zoom in.

Drag rectangle around map to zoom in.


Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), and click in the document to zoomout.

Click the Actual Size button () to return to a 100% view.

The guide contains a number of links to other pages in the document.

Select the hand tool, and move the pointer over the Chez Maison text. Notice that the hand pointer changes to a pointing finger when positioned over a link.

Click Chez Maison text to follow link.


Click the Chez Maison text to jump to the link destination—a magnified view of page 3.

You can also view thumbnails in the navigation pane. Thumbnails are miniature previews of each page in the document. You can use thumbnails to navigate and edit PDF documents.

Click the Thumbnails tab to bring the Thumbnails palette to the front.

Click Thumbnails tab to bring palette to front.


If needed, use the scroll bar to bring the thumbnail for page 4 into view. Then double-click it to go to page 4 of the guide.

You can keep palettes docked inside the navigation pane, or you can float them over the desktop.

To float the Thumbnails palette over the Acrobat window, drag the Thumbnails tab to the document pane.

Drag Thumbnails tab to document pane.


To dock the Thumbnails palette, drag the Thumbnails tab to the navigation pane.

Drag Thumbnails tab to navigation pane.


You can also navigate documents using the navigation buttons on the command bar.

Click the Go to Previous View button () several times. Then click the Go to Next View button () several times. These buttons let you retrace your viewing path through pages and magnification levels.

Click the First Page button (), and choose 100% magnification from the magnification pop-up menu in the status bar.



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