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Chapter 15. Producing a Slide Show > Creating Action Buttons

Creating Action Buttons

In addition to keyboard shortcuts and navigating by title, PowerPoint offers another way to jump to a slide in a slide show. You can create an action button on any slide, and program it to jump to another specific slide during a show. This branching is faster and more seamless than navigating by title, since the audience sees no menus on-screen.

To create an action button:

In Slide view, go to the slide on which you want to create the action button.

Click AutoShapes on the Drawing toolbar.

Choose Action Buttons.

Choose the Custom button (Figure 15.12).

Figure 15.12. Select an action button.

Drag a rectangular shape on the slide where you want the button to go.

When you release the mouse button, the Action Settings dialog box appears.

Click the Hyperlink To radio button, select Slide (Figure 15.13), and choose the destination slide for your jump (Figure 15.14).

Figure 15.13. To branch to a specific slide, choose Slide in the Hyperlink To list.

Figure 15.14. After selecting Slide in the Hyperlink To list, PowerPoint offers a list of slide titles to branch to.

Click OK to close the dialog box.

The action button appears on the slide.

Format and resize the button as needed (Figure 15.15).

Figure 15.15. This action button was formatted.

To make sure the button works properly, start the slide show and then click the action button. The presentation should jump directly to the slide you selected.



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