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Chapter 16. Presentation Output > Editing the Notes Master

Editing the Notes Master

You can perform global formatting of your notes pages on the Notes Master. (It works just like the Slide Master discussed in Chapter 12.) For instance, by adding bullet symbols to the Notes Master, bullets will automatically appear when you enter text on all notes pages. You might also want to add a page number, format the text in a different font, or resize the slide or text placeholders.

To edit the Notes Master:

Choose View > Master > Notes Master.

The Notes Master appears ( Figure 16.21 ).

Figure 16.21. To globally format notes pages, make changes to the Notes Master.

Zoom in if necessary.

Make any of the following changes:

Adjust the size and position of the slide or text placeholders.

Format the text as desired—add bullet symbols, adjust indents, change the font, and so forth. Figure 16.22 shows the text placeholder after formatting.

Figure 16.22. In this Notes Master, bullets were added to the first and second level items, the indents were adjusted, and the text was formatted to a larger size and different font.

To add text that you want to appear on each page (such as the page number or presentation title), use the View > Header and Footer command.

When finished, click Close on the Master toolbar ( Figure 16.23 ). Note: If you don't see this toolbar, choose View > Toolbars > Master.

Figure 16.23. Click Close when you're finished editing the Notes Master.



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