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Chapter 2. A Quick Tour of PowerPoint - Pg. 15

15 Chapter 2. A Quick Tour of PowerPoint Suppose you need to create a set of charts by the end of the day, but you have never used Pow- erPoint. What will you do? Don't panic--just read this chapter. We understand that in today's busy world, people may not have time to read an entire book before they dive into a real-life project. But by reading this chapter, you'll learn the most important things you need to know about creating a presentation in PowerPoint. After reading this chapter, you'll be able to create bullet lists and charts, format the slides, print the slides, view an onscreen slide show, and use Outline and Slide Sorter views to reorganize the presentation. This chapter gives you the bare bones information; for details, turn to the referenced chapters. Launching PowerPoint You can launch PowerPoint in a number of ways, depending on how your system is set up. Some possibilities are listed below.