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The Tools Menu

The Tools Menu

Address BookOpens the Address Book, where you can configure your Personal Address Book and Collected Addresses. You can also create mailing lists here.
ExtensionsOpens the Extension Manager so you can update, uninstall, and potentially change settings for the extensions you have installed in Thunderbird.
ThemesOpens the Theme Manager so you can change your theme or uninstall themes you are no longer using.
Message FiltersDisplays the Message Filter screen, which allows you to create new filters, manage your existing filters, and enable and view the Filter Log.
Run Filters on FolderApplies the existing filters listed in the Message Filter Screen (in order) to the selected folder.
Junk Mail ControlsDisplays the Junk Mail Control screen, which allows you to configure white lists, handling, and logging. You can also enable the adaptive filter and reset your training data in this area.
Run Junk Mail Controls on FolderApplies the existing Junk Mail Controls listed in the Junk Mail Controls screen to the selected folder.
Delete Mail Marked as Junk in FolderDeletes mail marked as junk in the selected folder.
ImportLaunches the Import wizard, which allows you to import mail, addresses, and settings from other mail programs.
JavaScript ConsoleStarts the JavaScript console, used for debugging JavaScript code embedded in a web page.
Account SettingsDisplays the Account Settings screen, the primary place to manage account settings for all your Thunderbird accounts.
OptionsDisplays the Options screen, where you can change the options in Thunderbird. (Mac users use the Thunderbird | Preferences command; Linux users use Edit | Preferences.)



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