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Chapter 3. Migrating From StarOffice 5.2... > Removing StarOffice 6.0 Beta Softwar...

Removing StarOffice 6.0 Beta Software Before Migrating

You must remove the 6.0 Beta release of StarOffice before you install the latest release of the software, or migrate.


To invoke the setup for the deleting the software, open a terminal window.

Type cd, then press Return. Type ls and press Return. This will list the files and directories in your Home directory. Find the directory you installed StarOffice 6.0 beta in. This is typically staroffice6.0 or StarOffice6. Change to this StarOffice directory by typing:

cd office60beta_directory

Press Return, then type:


This calls the Staroffice setup program. Select the Remove option and choose to Delete all files.

If this does not work, edit the ~/sversionrc file and remove this line:

StarOffice 6.0=file:///office60beta_path

Save the file.

Type rm -rf /office60beta_path in a terminal window to delete the StarOffice 6.0 installation directory.


Right click on the StarOffice beta Quickstarter in your taskbar (A butterfly in the lower right corner) and select Exit Quickstarter. Now choose Start > Programs > StarOffice 6.0 Beta > Setup. Remove the program and choose to delete all files.


Although the Delete all files option states that it will delete all user-created documents, it—well, it doesn't. Not checking this option leaves behind a lot of junk files in the directory, including files that will make the final installation crash when initiating the presentation module for the first time.

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