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Chapter 9. Books and Longer Documents > Creating an Index - Pg. 302

Books and Longer Documents Updating a Table of Contents 302 If the contents or page count of a document changes after a table of contents has been generated, update the table of contents using this procedure. However, if you need to make more fundamental changes to the table of contents structure, you need to edit the table of contents. See the previous procedure. 1. 2. Click in the table of contents. Right-click and choose Update Index. Removing a Table of Contents You can't remove a table of contents by selecting it and deleting it. To remove a table of contents, click in it, right-click, and choose Remove Index. Creating an Index There are professional indexers in the world. Their work can dramatically increase the quality of a book. Conversely, a poor index can cause a lot of reader frustration. So assuming you do not aspire to be a professional indexer, we'll leave you with perhaps the most useful advice a professional indexer is likely to give you to create a decent index: pretend you're a reader. Stepping into the reader's shoes helps you anticipate what information the reader will want to find in the index. If a section in your document or book contains important information on creating a file, which words might the target reader look for in the index to get to that information? "Creating a file"