Everything you need for OpenOffice.org, the best-selling StarOffice" Companion, adapted for OpenOffice.org

Includes the OpenOffice.org CD: OpenOffice.org official distribution, including great extras like macros and the Mac®OS beta distribution

For Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms

Covers Writer, Web, Calc, Impress, Draw, databases and forms, and more

This practical, user-friendly insider's guide contains everything you need to install and learn OpenOffice.org today! With the OpenOffice.org Companion, you get the best-selling StarOffice"! Companion, adapted and updated for OpenOffice.org, plus the official OpenOffice.org CD, which includes software for all platforms and great extras!

Imagine an office productivity suite that's powerful, easy to use, has great extras (like a drawing program and database connectivity), and is absolutely free! The OpenOffice.org Open Source Project's partnership with Sun Microsystems makes this a reality for millions of Linux®, Solaris®, and Windows® users.

Learn OpenOffice.org for the first time, or explore the great new features in this release. OpenOffice.org Companion also incorporates solutions to questions from hundreds of OpenOffice.org users, both beginners and pros, making this the most practical, task-based book available. It delivers clear, step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to get your job done.

You'll find comprehensive coverage of all this and more:

Great information across applications:

Conversion to and from Microsoft® and StarOffice 5.2 file formats

Installation and setup tips:

How to install for either single users or network installations, for all platforms, with detailed instructions and key trouble-shooting tips Migration tips for StarOffice 5.2 users

Power-user tips, including:

How to print spreadsheet headings on multiple pages, modify XML to edit the files or customize OpenOffice.org, and importing text files into spreadsheets

Quick Start tutorials:

Learn the key features of each application, plus procedures on customizing OpenOffice.org to make using it simple and productive

Comprehensive coverage of each application:

  • Writer—Editing, formatting, mail merge, printing to postscript and PDF, long documents, version control, and comparing documents

  • Web—Creating Web pages with AutoPilot, hotlinks, viewing and editing source- animated GIFs, and scrolling text marquees

  • Calc—Formatting, data entry and calculations in spreadsheets (including the function AutoPilot), scenarios, Goal Seek, exporting to HTML, and inserting spreadsheets in other documents

  • Impress—Creating, designing, and delivering presentations, including custom presentations and animation

  • Drawing and image-editing features—Using the vast array of drawing tools including 3D, connector lines for technical diagrams, editing raster graphics like photos, and exporting to formats like GIF, EPS, and SVG

  • Connecting to data sources—Setting up data-source connections to spreadsheets, Access, Oracle® and other databases via JDBC and other standard access methods. Plus creating mail merges documents and labels with the user-friendly AutoPilot

Want to learn how to get things done with OpenOffice.org? OpenOffice.org Companion is the practical, direct, expert guide you've been searching for, with all the software you need.

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