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Answers for Quick Checks

Appendix. Answers for Quick Checks


1:E-mail is a public conversation where image and etiquette are critical. True or False?
A1: True
2:Because e-mail is private, it leaves no formal record or back-up documentation after it is sent. True or False?
A2: False
3:Name two ways e-mail is an effective time management tool.
  1. Can be composed or read when user has time

  2. Can reduce telephone tag

  3. Can stay in mailbox as reminders

4:Why can the meaning of an e-mail message be misinterpreted?
A4: Voices, gestures, pauses, and other nonverbal cues are lost.
5:Traditional copyright laws do not apply to information sent through e-mail. True or False?
A5: False
6:In business communications, e-mail is expected to be fast and casual. True or False?
A6: False
7:E-mail is a good communication tool for hashing out a conflict because people do not have to be uncomfortable facing each other. True or False?
A7: False
8:Define e-mmunity.
A8: Electronic community
9:Computer viruses are most commonly spread through e-mail. True or False?
A9: True
10:Why should you not use sarcasm in an e-mail message?
A10: The tone could be misinterpreted as criticism or harsh words.


1:Before you write an e-mail message think about:
  1. what the message contains

  2. how the message is written

  3. to whom the message is written

  4. all of the above

A1: d
2:Users tend to be more shy or indirect in e-mail. True or False?
A2: False
3:Nasty-grams are also known as__________________.
A3: Flames
4:__________________ is the equivalent of unsolicited junk e-mail.
A4: Spam
5:__________________ is the junk e-mail you get from someone you know.
A5: Jam
6:E-mail mistakes have caused misunderstandings, wasted time, even network down times and legal action threatening individuals and organizations. True or False?
A6: True
7:E-mail is a good way to send sensitive, confidential, or embarrassing information so you don't have to talk to the recipient face-to-face. True or False?
A7: False
8:One way to “clean up the neighborhood” is to keep your computer screen clean so you can easily read your e-mail. True or False?
A8: False
9:You should send copies of e-mail only when absolutely necessary. True or False?
A9: True
10:Why should you avoid using acronyms, smileys, and jargon in e-mail?
A10: All recipients may not understand them clearly or quickly



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