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Chapter 20. Calculating and Manipulating... > Tips for Using Spreadsheets - Pg. 513

Calculating and Manipulating Data About the Calc Consolidation Feature 513 Calc also has a feature called Consolidation (Data > Consolidate) that lets you combine and perform calculations on separate groups of data. The effect of creating links to data is identical to the more manual copy and paste special process in the previous procedure. However, Consolidate isn't an extremely intuitive tool, and you're likely to get more predictable results by using the previous copy/ paste special procedure for combining separate pieces of data in one sheet or area and setting up calculations manually. Linking to Data in Other Calc Files This procedure is the same in concept to the previous procedure, Combining Data From Many Sheets Into One Sheet, except that you link to cells in other Calc files. 1. 2. Open the file(s) containing the cells you want to reference in the current spreadsheet. Select the cell(s) in the other spreadsheet file you want to reference. You can select an individual cell or a range of cells that are adjacent. You can't copy a group of non-adjacent cells. Choose Edit > Copy. Switch to the working spreadsheet file, and click the cell(s) or inside of the formula you want to insert the reference into. Choose Edit > Paste Special. In the Paste Special window, select the Link option at the bottom of the window, and click OK. Calc inserts the reference as a DDE link to the source file. 3. 4. 5. 6.