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Chapter 8. Adding Objects and Links to D... > Converting a Spreadsheet to a Writer... - Pg. 260

Adding Objects and Links to Documents 2. 3. 4. 5. Press Ctrl+C or choose Edit > Copy to copy. Switch to your Writer document, and click where you want to insert the spreadsheet. Choose Edit > Paste Special. In the Paste Special window, select DDE link, and click OK. DDE stands for Dynamic Data Exchange. 260 Deleting a DDE Linked Spreadsheet If you use the previous procedure to insert a Calc spreadsheet into Writer, you can't delete the table by simply selecting its cells and deleting rows or columns. You have to click in the paragraph above or below the table, drag through it so that the whole thing is selected, and press Delete. Converting a Spreadsheet to a Writer Table If you want to put the contents of a spreadsheet in a Writer document, but the spreadsheet is too big to fit on the Writer pages, use this procedure to convert the spreadsheet to a Writer table that will span multiple pages. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select the contents of the spreadsheet. In Writer, click where you want to insert the table, and choose Edit > Paste Special. In the Paste Special window, select the Unformatted text option, and click OK. The text of the spreadsheet is pasted into the Writer document. Select the text that was just pasted into Writer, and choose Tools > Text <-> Table. In the Convert Text to Table window, select the Tabs option, as shown in Figure 8-22. Figure 8-22. Converting tab-delimited text to a Writer table 6. 7. Select any other options or formatting you want. Click OK. Doing Spreadsheet Calculations in Writer Tables and Text Writer has some pretty good calculation capabilities on its own. Making Calculations in Writer Table Cells A table is as good as a spreadsheet to a blind bat, as they say.