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Chapter 7. Planning Other Fun Stuff > Things You'll Need

Things You'll Need

  • Travel brochures and information for vacation destinations

  • Equipment and supplies for hobbies

  • Your personal address/phone list for contacting friends and family

  • Games, books, tea, bubble bath, and/or whatever else helps you relax

  • Your family's planner

To do list

  • Use the timetable in Table 7.1 to prepare for your vacation

    Table 7.1. Timetable for Vacation Preparation
    8 weeks to 12 months beforeSet budget.
     Select destination (family meeting #1).
     Decide on the type of accommodations.
     Decide on mode(s) of travel.
     Book accommodations.
     Apply for or renew passports, if necessary.
    8 weeks beforeGet tour books and brochures.
    7 weeks beforeDiscuss sightseeing ideas (family meeting #2).
    6 weeks beforeContinue learning about your destination.
    4 weeks to 12 months beforeBook travel or get car tune-up.
    4 weeks beforeMake arrangements for your pets.
     Finalize your travel wardrobe.
     Prepare a packing list for everyone.
    3 weeks beforeFinalize your itinerary (family meeting #3). (If you're mapping out your itinerary in detail, make sure you double-check the opening and closing times of attractions first.)
     Make sure you have the right luggage.
    1 week beforeArrange for house sitting (mail delivery, newspaper delivery, watering plants, caring for lawn,
     and so on).
     Arrange transportation to the airport, if necessary.
     Make sure you have an adequate supply of prescription medications, if applicable.
     Schedule items from the post-vacation timetable (Table 7.2) into your planner.
    2 days beforeDo laundry.
    1 day beforePack.
     Set light timers.
    The day you leaveAdjust thermostat.
     Lock all windows and doors.

    Table 7.2. Timetable upon Your Return from Vacation
    1 day afterGo through the mail.
     Unpack completely.
     Do the laundry.
     Pick up pets, if they've been away from home.
     Take film/digital photos to be printed.
     Add any items that you forgot to take with you to your master packing list for future use.
    2 days afterPut away the suitcases.
     Go grocery shopping.
     Pick up the photos.
    7 days afterEdit video of your vacation, put photos in albums, create a scrapbook.
     Put all these items together in a scrapbook case.
     Find a place to keep all of your souvenirs.

  • Create an itinerary that will satisfy all your family members and keep them cheerful

  • Use the timetable in Table 7.2 to schedule wrap-up tasks for the week after your vacation

  • Have fun!



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