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Chapter 6. Participating in Enrichment A... > Things You'll Need - Pg. 92

92 Chapter 6. Participating in Enrichment Activities In this chapter: · Selecting and scheduling a comfortable (and workable) mix of enrichment activities · Making sure everyone is prepared to participate as needed · Maintaining scheduling basics for enrichment activities One of the things that makes life so interesting is that we each have our own unique combination of interests and talents. Participating in structured activities is an important way to discover and pursue those interests and talents. For children who have limited life experiences and for adults who have wide-ranging interests and want to try lots of new things, selecting the right mix of activities to keep you growing without turning the logistics into a stress-inducing dash from one place to the next is a real challenge. This is the point where the scheduling skills and the effectiveness techniques you've already learned in the first five chapters of this book will have a magnified impact on your family's life. Because you've already scheduled all of the necessities of life, and you're accomplishing them efficiently, you'll be able to see easily whether various pursuits will dovetail with--or disrupt--your family's schedule. In this chapter, you'll learn how to help all of your family members make good enrichment activity choices and how to incorporate these important activities into your family's schedule. You'll learn how to manage your schedule so that everyone can participate in enrichment activities without causing scheduling conflicts. Things You'll Need · Brochures and/or basic information (what, when, where, and why) for all of the activities your family members are considering · Your family's planner To do list · Consider the reason(s) for wanting to participate in each activity · Rank the participants' interests in each activity · Have the participants fill out the self-assessment questionnaires to determine whether they should try (or continue) each activity