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Chapter 12. Dealing with Eldercare > Getting Help with Your Caregiving

Getting Help with Your Caregiving

Sometimes you may find you don't have the time, skill, or inclination—or you just live too far away—to handle the eldercare by yourself, even with your family's help. You can turn to an array of services for assistance with some or all of your elder's care needs. As a starting point as you try to maintain order in your family's schedule, consider these in-home service options:

  • Meals— Your local Meals on Wheels service will deliver hot meals—and sometimes additional cold meals—to your elder. To find the service in your elder's area, enter the ZIP code in the organization's search tool at www.mowaa.org.

  • Housekeeping— Hiring housekeeping for your elder is really no different than hiring housekeeping for yourself. In fact, you—and your older relative—may prefer to hire the service for your house and clean your elder's home yourself while you're visiting. If your elder needs help because she's adjusting to newly diminished sight or mobility, you may want to consider having her work with an occupational therapist who can show her how to continue doing many tasks independently.

  • Transportation— Many communities as well as private companies provide transportation for senior citizens who are no longer able to drive themselves.

  • Personal care and in-home health care— Hospital social workers or the local Area Agency on Aging can advise you of your options for these services. More in-home eldercare services are becoming available all of the time. To find your local Area Agency on Aging, visit the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging website at www.n4a.org.

  • Insurance claims— You can hire an independent insurance advocate to handle the insurance claim process for you.



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