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Chapter 26. Automation Through Actions > Recording Custom Actions - Pg. 615

Automation Through Actions Caution Be aware that all Open commands are overridden by the Override Action "Open" Commands option. If an Action requires that a second file be opened to complete its task, that command, too, is ignored. As an example, consider an Action that is designed to open one file, open a second file, select all and copy from the second file, return to the first, and then paste. If the Override Open option is selected, this Action will fail because it cannot open the second file. · If the source folder includes subfolders, the Include All Subdirectories option enables you to decide whether to include their contents. · The Destination pop-up menu offers three choices. None leaves the altered files open in Illustrator. Save and Close replaces the original files with the modified versions. Folder (refer to Figure 26.6) enables you to choose a location for the modified files. This way, you can avoid overwriting the originals. · When you select Folder as the Destination option, you can choose to override any Save commands that have been written into the Action. · Likewise, when Folder is the destination of choice, you can override Export commands. If you choose to override the Export commands, the files will still be exported, but you'll be prompted to select another folder for them to be exported into rather than the one specified in the Action. Subdirectories can include aliases (Macintosh) or shortcuts (Windows) to other folders. You can use them to process multiple folders with a single Batch command.