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Part: III Appendixes > Other Resources

Other Resources

The following lists give a few general resources as well as several that are specific to the types of projects you may complete with the help of this book.

  • Have a wish list for the next version of Illustrator? Tell Adobe! They really listen—I know; I helped compile the feature request lists every month for the years I worked there. Your feature requests go to the product manager for each Adobe product, as well as the development team and everyone else who has an interest in that product. Customers really do build Adobe's software.


  • Display your amazing Illustrator vector artwork on Illustrator World.


  • Everything you've ever wanted to know about OpenType fonts.


  • Pantone, the worldwide leader in color systems from the desktop to production.


  • List of stock photography agencies (updated twice yearly).


  • SVG—Scalable Vector Graphics—the newest technology in online and mobile content publishing.


  • United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) labeling requirements for product packaging. Labeling requirements vary by product type, so search for yours using the following link.


  • United States Registrar of Copyrights for downloadable copyright registration forms and information, and frequently asked questions about copyright.


  • When researching the viability of a logo for trademark protection, one of your best resources will be Thomson & Thomson, the leading trademark-reporting agency. Doing your own research via Thomson & Thomson's SAEGIS database and other tools is not a substitute for the assistance of a qualified intellectual property attorney, but it can save on the attorney's billable hours.


  • Barcode fonts for everything from books to product packaging, postal addressing to inventory control.


  • Lorem Ipsum generator and the history of the world's favorite nonsense text, Lorem Ipsum.


  • What are you worth? The AIGA and Aquent “Survey of Design Salaries,” which queries creative professionals throughout the United States annually, compiling a comprehensive list of the median income for all levels of design career in various regions and metropolitan areas, is available online for benchmarking your pay rate.


  • CreativePro.com, an excellent news and information site for just about anything related to design, illustration, and press workflows.


  • A delicious recipe for fettucini alfredo.




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